Cycle Tours

Our cycle safaris

The cycling distances vary as indicated on each itinerary page. An experienced escort accompanies the group who is familiar with the terrain and who works with the driver of the support vehicle which follows or is in close range of the group throughout the rides.

Cycle Safari tours are rated Easy, Moderate and Challenging.

The degree of difficulty on each ride depends on the terrain, distance and number and grade of climbs. Very often, especially on multi-day tours there is a combination of the degrees of difficulty. There is limited space for riders who wish to board the support vehicle for a short distance. We recommend choosing a tour that fits your capability.


Easy Ride

Is for people who do not bicycle regularly in their life, but do enjoy it. A ride that is relaxing. Easy riders cycle the equivalent of 4-8 up to 30 kms each day depending on the terrain. These rides are mostly flat with some hilly terrain. Steep ascents are rarely encountered.


Moderate Ride

Is for people who bike regularly, perhaps daily, although not necessarily. They are reasonably fit and regard the bicycle as a primary means to satisfy their frequent outdoor activity. Moderate riders can cycle the equivalent of 4-8 hours and between 30 to 65 kms in a day, if not more, depending on the terrain. Moderate riders are not afraid of many moderate ascents, or even a few steep ones.


Challenging Ride

Is for people who worship the bicycle. Challenging riders enjoy all ascents and are capable of steep ones. They cycle the equivalent of 6-8 hours a day and cover between 65 and 100 kilometres a day or more depending on the terrain.


How to book a cycle safari
We recommend booking as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. We can accept last minute bookings according to availability. You may book on line or ask for our booking form and booking conditions by sending an e-mail to

How to pay
By electronic bank transfer or credit card.

Our cancellation policy
Should you have to cancel a cycle tour, you should notify us in writing advising us of the reason for cancellation. The scale of cancellation charges is calculated according to the number of days prior to departure that written notice is received by us.

Are helmets required?
YES. All riders must wear a helmet at all times when riding. We can supply a limited number of helmets but for hygiene reasons we recommend that riders bring their own.

Cycle Safari bike fleet
We provide you with a suitable bicycle from our well maintained fleet of 40. Our bicycles have regular pedals, quick release adjustable seat post and are all equipped with a water bottle cage and rack.

Yellow Cycle Safari bike


small size mountain bike(26″ wheel, 18 gears, shimano gear shifter, V-brakes, suspension front fork)

Khaki Cycle Safari bike


medium size mountain bike (26″ wheel, 18 gears, shimano gear shifter, V-brakes, suspension front fork)

White Cycle Safari bike


large size trekking (28″ wheel, 21 gears, shimano gear shifter, V-brakes, adjustable suspension front fork)