About Us

We are a team of enthusiastic people who prefer to cycle than to drive or be driven in a motorised vehicle. We organize short rides, long rides and cycle safaris throughout Greece. Also by supporting initiatives that promote the use of the bicycle as an alternative means of transport in towns and cities we believe that eventually we can achieve a healthier urban environment. What better way than to cycle without traffic congestion and air pollution so we can appreciate a city’s features and monuments at a leisurely pace. We are fortunate in being close to the countryside, where within a relatively short ride away we can literally lose ourselves in the depths of nature.


Cycling in the countryside allows us to familiarize ourselves with nature, drawing on our basic senses to enjoy its unparalleled beauty and moving at a pace that is both relaxing and invigorating.


No matter what your level of cycling experience is. The rides and cycle safaris featured here appeal to all tastes and levels of fitness from the first time cyclist to the most experienced. Our support vehicle accompanies all our cycle safaris with reserve bicycles, basic spare parts and tools, first aid kit, water and catering. For more information regarding degrees of difficulty, our equipment and fleet of bicycles see our Information page.


One day cycle safaris

From our base in the city of Thessaloniki our cycling day trips are popular with local residents and visitors alike. These normally run at weekends. If you are visiting Thessaloniki check out our one day safaris that coincide with your stay in the city.


Multi-day cycling safari tours

These range from 2 to 8 days and cover routes that are selected for their scenic beauty and richness in local culture. Our cycling safaris offer a different region highlighting themes relevant to history, nature and the environment, and are carefully designed to maximize the pleasure of your cycling experience. Visit our planned cycle safaris page and browse through our exciting tours and start your journey of discovery by cycling to the secret corners of Greece.


Private cycling safaris

For a minimum of 6-8 people whether you are a family or group of friends we would be pleased to operate one of our cycling safaris when this suits you best. Arranging your trip with us means that you will not have the hassle of having to make your own arrangements we provide bicycles, accommodation, catering, escort and our support vehicle. Contact us with your choice of one of our cycle safaris and we will be pleased to reply with details and answer all your queries. You can rely upon our expertise to take care of all aspects of your trip, leaving you free to make the most out of your cycling experience.